Great Plains Chapter - Americans United For Separation of Church and State

Call to Action

Say "No More" to Taxpayer-Funded Discrimination

We join with the 130 groups and thousands of voices calling for President Obama to end hiring discrimination by faith groups who receive public money. Read our letter here:


Contact KS Senators to oppose SB 175

On March 9 at 10:30, the Kansas Senate Judiciary Committee will be reviewing SB 175, a "religious freedom" bill, that is really about providing public funding for discriminatory religious groups on college campuses. Please contact the Judiciary Committee members to oppose SB 175. Click here for more information.


Accompany Us to Topeka on February 10

It's that time of year, with the Kansas Legislature back in session, and this means we need to be a presence in Topeka as well! This year will be straightforward - just one on one conversation with our Sedgwick County representatives. If you have a legislator you would like to talk with, please let Vickie know. It is critical for the legislators to know we exist, and to know why church/state separation is so important for them to uphold. Please email Vickie Stangl if you would like to attend. She will help make travel arrangements.


Tell Governor Brownback that taxpayer money should not fund religious schools!

House Bill 2506 would create a Kansas backdoor school voucher program. The bill would establish a tuition tax credit for corporations that give money to organizations that fund private school tuition. This takes money that the state would otherwise collect and use for Kansas public schools and funnels it directly to private schools.

Find out more, and take action!


Brightline Legislative Luncheon and Lobby Day

The Great Plains Chapter of AU held its first Legislative Luncheon and Lobby Day in Topeka on February 25th. This effort was the work of three organizations: the Great Plains Chapter of AU, the Kansas ACLU, and the Mainstream Coalition of Johnson County. All three organizations want to emphasize the bright line between church and state, and that this line should not be crossed by lawmakers.


Stand Up for Women's Rights

Congressman Tim Huelskamp and the Catholic School Life Rally 2013 will be holding a prayer vigil with at the South Wind Women's Center. We need as many people as possible to come out and tell Tim to go home and stop pushing his religious dogma into the healthcare debate on women.


Obama Admin's Amicus Brief Supports Entanglement

The Obama administration has filed an amicus brief that supports sectarian government prayer in the Supreme Court case Town of Greece v. Galloway. Please write or call the White House to voice your concern. Below is Great Plains Chapter President Vickie Stangl's letter.


Forcing Taxpayers to Build Houses of Worship

The U.S. Senate just proposed S.B. 1274 that would allow mosques, temples, synagogues and churches destroyed or damaged by natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy, to receive federal financial aid.