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Vickie Stangl's Book Signing

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Great Plains Chapter of AU president, Vickie Stangl, has just released her new book on the life and work of Kansas freethinker Etta Semple (1855-1914). Watermark Books in Wichita, Kansas, will be holding a book signing event on Tuesday, June 23, at 6:00 pm.

Etta courageously fought the same battles in the late 19th century as Kansans face today. Public officials were continually promoting their religion in public policies. One major battle during Etta's time included an effort to amend the Constitution to include "God" as the inspiration and source of U.S. laws, and forcing religious instruction and prayers (Protestanism) into public schools.

It is imperative citizens become educated about the important work of the Freethought Movement in America, and the rich history of fearless freethinkers like Etta Semple. The history of America is the dance between the sacred and secular, and why secularism must win in America if our democratic republic is to survive the onslaught of religious extremism here, and around the world.

To order Etta Semple: Kansas Freethinker and "Ideal" Woman books are available at Watermark Books, or can be ordered online.

To order an ebook, Stangl's book can be found on

Etta Semple: Kansas Freethinker and 'Ideal' Woman